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Old Time June

Big Hole River 4220 cfs, Maidenrock and rising.

This is turning out to be a June like the old timers talked about. They said they would make bets that it would rain 28 days out of the month of June. If one was to keep track we might be close to making that 28. The forecast for the next week is for some showers every day.

This weather pattern has the bugs and the fish coming and going. It’s a real challenge this year but it’s fun.

The guy who swamped his boat in the canyon yesterday got it back. Good fortune as all that was lost was lots of flies and some gear. These can be replaced. With the river still bank full and rising again floaters should be extra careful. If floating the Dewey Canyon in a drift boat here are a few things you should do. Either take the anchor completely off or tie a knot in the rope so it can’t drop. The other option is to not tie a knot in the end of the anchor rope as we all do, so if it hangs up all you lose is your anchor and rope—not your boat and maybe life.


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