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Off To The Missouri Again

Big Hole 191 cfs Beaverhead 153 cfs

Tomorrow morning we are heading to the the Missouri for a couple days as per request by the clients. I doubt there will be much hopper action but it’s supposed to be cloudy and that means bugger time. The biggest fish we got in the last few years on the Missouri have been on streamers and the client I’m taking loves to throw them. It should be a lot of fun.

The best fishing on the Big Hole now is in the afternoon and with dry fly’s. If your going out in the morning early, it’s nymphs or streamers. My choice as always would be streamers. Dry fly fishing in the afternoon is more productive in the tail outs rather than the riffles as it was a couple weeks ago when the water temp. was higher. We have been getting some really nice fish in fairly slow water. Again it has a lot to do with presentation.


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