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Nice Kitty Kitty

Big Hole River 244cfs-Melrose, 317 cfs Maidenrock Beaverhead 379 cfs-Barrets

Yesterday afternoon I went up to Wise River and on the way up near Jerry Creek this pickup was pulled over to the side. As I went by this lady was standing next to it with the door partially open and looked like she was talking to some body inside. When I was on the way back she was still there and in the same position. I drove slowly by and just about past and she yelled at me. I stopped and she came over to the jeep and asked if I had a pair of heavy gloves. I told her I think I do in the back but why do want them? She explained to me that she was in the process of moving to Butte and had her two cats in the cab and her large tomcat panicked and got wedged under the brake pedal. I looked in side and sure enough there he was. She put the gloves on and tried to get him out with no luck. I offered to try (stupid move) and put the gloves on with full intentions of getting that hairball out of there. He got in so he should get out. I went to get a firm grip on him and a couple seconds later pulled out the shredded, claw ripped, bitten gloves. I turned to her and said I have a gun in the jeep, (just kiddin of course) She gave me this serious look and said “get it”. I told her I was just kiddin but she was serious. She then said while I was trying to get the cat out she had sent a message with a passerby to tell her son to bring bigger gloves and a gun. That’s when I wished her the best of luck, told her to keep the gloves and went on my way. I just figured I had tried to do my good deed for the day and didn’t want to wait around to see the results.

Hot today but much cooler with clouds next couple days which should make for excellent fishing.


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