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Nice Days

Big Hole River 350 cfs

This past week the early fall weather has been super to say the least. Beautiful warm, sunny days with all the yellow and red color of the trees and bushes. Problem was these picture perfect days made for some tough fishing. All last week the fishing was on the slow side for the most part. That changed late this afternoon and evening when Amos and I hit the river. The weather pattern is changing and more clouds coming in. I grabbed my 6 weight and a hand full of streamers. In one of my favorite spots I had three big browns within five casts. That’s pretty good fishing any where. The forecast is for cooler with possible showers and more cloud cover. That means put the 4 weight away and grab your bugger rod and go have some fun.

I never get into politics but I have to tell this story as itwas rather humurous. A couple weeks ago this couple came in the shop and I don’t know how it got started but the lady started to blast Sarah Palin like crazy. They actually both got into it kind of feeding off each other. She was going on and on about Sarah and was getting down right nasty. All of a sudden I interrupted her and said “I’m pretty sure I’m gonna vote for her” The lady looked at me as if I had two heads and asked why in the world I would even consider such a thing. I looked at her with a little twinkle in my eye and said “nice cleavage”. Then I put on my serious face and she tried to talk but couldn’t. Her lips were moving but there were only these little barely audible squeaks coming out. Moral of the story is if you want to rant and rave politics and sling mud, do it in somebody elses shop.


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