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Nice Day

Big Hole River 2030–Maidenrock

Like the old saying, you can’t have nice weather and good fishing also. This was pretty much the story today. It was bright and just a bit cool and an old fisherman like me could just feel it in his bones it was not a good fishing day. We caught fish but it was tough going. Got some on streamers, some on nymphs and a couple on top but the action all together was slow.

With this warm weather approaching conditions will heat up big time. The caddis should be out in the next few days and the river in my opinion will not blow out. The mid level snow is gone and it will take several days of warm weather to bring the high stuff to start to melt— and there is lots of it. I heard the county has been plowing the scenic byway road between Wise River and the Grasshopper Valley ( Elk Horn Hot Springs) the last few days and it should be open tomorrow. I heard the snow up in the Crystal Park area is still super deep. A road trip up there to check it out sounds good.


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