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Nice Brown Trout

Big Hole River 374 cfs

Art and I went up river to the Dewey area yesterday to wet a line and see what was happening. We really didn’t care if we caught any thing or not, we just needed to get out and git rid of some of the mold. It was a bright blue bird day and I didn’t think they would hit streamers so I swallowed my pride and put on a couple nymphs and an indicator. I caught three brown’s between 14 and 16 inches fairly quickly and missed at least 6 more. I kept telling myself, your late, your late on the set. I finally settled that matter by taking the nymphs and indicator off and tied on a bugger. I had several taps and short hits but couldn’t get a hook up. Art who was just up stream from me and likes the nymphs about as much as I do had also switched to a bugger and hooked up with a nice brown trout. Today Art went down to the Maidenrock Bridge area and said he got 6 on nymphs and nothing on streamers. More fish are caught on nymphs than any other pattern. It’s just that personally when I’m fishing on my own and there is no top water action I love streamer fishing because when they hit there is no doubt. The fish we caught are in excellent shape and were quite scrappy considering the water temp.

The administrator for my site has temporarily disabled the notifications. It seems hackers were trying to get into it and he has to upgrade it. Jason is a busy man and I told him to do it when ever he had the time.


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