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Next Day Dolphin

Cory's first bonefish


Current temp: 79, wind, dead calm, partly cloudy

Conditions never got  good enough when the Montana boys  were here to go out to  the buoy in search of Dolphin. Two  days after they left Hank and  Mike went there and you can see the results. They said there were lots of them. Catching one of them on a fly when their in a feeding frenzy is  easy and it doesn’t really matter what kind of fly.

As for me this morining, I’m just about to head up the creek and look for tailers. There are lots  of clouds  but the sea is like glass  and it’s approaching high tide—perfect for spotting tailers.

Tomorrow looks good weather wise with light east winds so Tommy and I are planning on exploring areas known for permit and tarpon. Also the moon is just right. Sometimes we find them, sometimes we don’t, but don’t know if you don’t go.


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