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New Shipment

Big Hole River 165 cfs Beaverhead River 370 cfs

As I was driving up river from Divide this morning on my way to cut firewood I couldn’t help but notice that the river was alive with feeding fish. They were rising every where. I almost turned the ole GMC around to go get my fly rod and forget the firewood. Then I thought about all those cold winter days coming up and my need to stock up on wood so I continued on. (By the way, thanks Jeff)

I would like to apologize to those folks who stopped at the shop to get some of those hot patterns which we were out of. I called Montana Fly Co. out of Columbia Falls and they had a new shipment to us the following day. These guys are great and their fly’s are top of the line. There are a lot of discount fly dealers around the country but I believe you get what you pay for and we have never had a problem with this company. On Art’s request I also ordered a new cripple pattern and upon field testing it worked great. Only problem is their going out the door fast. For example a guy bought two this morning to try them out and came back an hour later and bought two dozen.

This summer Art and I were invited to join The Montana Fly Company pro staff which we did. Their objective is to have us try out new patterns of our choice which we do not currently have in stock in the shop. That’s how we found out that new cripple pattern works so well. We are currently field testing other patterns. Some times it’s hard to do as when you have a pattern that is working well, why change.

The forecast for the next couple days is to be quite warm and sunny so it would be best fish in the mornings only.


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