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New Raft

Big Hole River 890 cfs Jefferson River 1060 cfs

I was going to try out the new raft this afternoon but I couldn’t find any room in the river. Again today there were a lot of boats and most of them pleasure floaters.

I just came back from taking the mutts for a walk along the river and all the boats are gone and the fish are rising all over the place. They went into hiding for most of the day and I don’t blame them. Actually there were a few guide boats mixed in with the flotilla and they were doing pretty well mostly on nymphs this afternoon.

I talked to a friend of mine who lives near Waterloo Bridge on the Jefferson and he said that river is great condition and the fishing is good mostly with streamers (sculpin patterns).

On the upper Big Hole (Squaw Ck, Fish Trap, East Bank) the river is getting pretty shallow in places. If your floating up there push through the wide shallow spots and concentrate on the riffles and deeper runs where the fishing now is good. Dry fly fishing in mid morning up in that country is excellent.


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