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My Wrist Hurts

big Hole 297 cfs Beaverhead 126 cfs — getting tough to float Jefferson 671 –great river to float

Again today the big Hole River did not let us down. It was a bit slow this morning with streamer action. Jim, who is a novice fly caster was having a bit of a problem at first with casting streamers. After some time he stated that his wrist was starting to hurt. I told him, ” good now quit using it and your cast will improve” and it did. I like to have novice fly casters learn to cast streamers because they kind of self educate. After they whap them selves in the back of the head a few times with a #4 weighted bug it gets their attention big time. After they have mastered the art of casting a streamer every thing else is a piece of cake. Jim is now on his way to being a fine fly fisherman. As the day wore on the fishing got better and better with most action on a dry with a nympy dropper. No huge fish were taken but three that were in the 18 and 19 inch range will do any day. You take what the river gives you and be glad of it including a lowly whitey which must have weighed 4 pounds.

As for the coveted van I described, any of you can borrow it any time. Just leave your credit card with us with a substantial credit limit on it so we can head to Andros Island the next day.

Thank you for all the comments. I will have to say in the defense of the ranchers that all of them are not out to ruin the river. The majority of them do care very much about it and are conservation minded. A local rancher recently told me that without irrigation the river valley corrider would be nothing but brown and he’s right. With responsible water usage it is a more beautiful and productive valley. We all have to work together to protect this great river and that includes fisherman, irrigators, recreationists and ones who just like to sit along the banks while doing some soul searching.

Forecast for the rest of the week is for warm summer like conditions. Life is short so it is very important to fish hard and fish often.


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