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Mutton Snapper

Mutton Snappers

Last couple days the weather has been so great with very light wind and calm seas. Hank and I  could  not resist going out beyond  the  reef again today.  Gotta get more of those fish for Christmas presents and did we ever.

I hooked up with four huge Muttons out in deeper water and lost them all. I fought one for so long it was wearing me out trying to keep  it off the bottom and I handed the rod to Hank. He struggled with it until it  wore him  out and  then back to me. Sadly it finally got around a rock on the bottom and broke off  as did three others. Oh well, lots of fun. I  need to definitely get a  bigger rod for these big fish as they all basically ate  my lunch. I will get Hank to comment and verify these battles with these big fish.


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