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Mountain Lion

Big Hole River 1300 cfs

In the process of doing a shuttle today not far west of Silver Bridge in the canyon Patricia spotted something quite unusual. She said “did you see that tail under the guard rail”? I told her I think your hallucinating. When I picked her up at Silver Bridge after the shuttle she asked me if I saw the mountain lion. I said your kidding right. So we went back up the canyon and sure enough there was a mountain lion laying dead just under the guard rail. My neighbor wanted to take it home, skin it and tan the hide. I told him we better call the Fish and Game first and see if it’s ok to take it. I called the sergeant game warden and he said if you take it you do not go past go but go directly to jail. So I said ok I guess we’ll take her back. Actually I didn’t say that but it would have been funny. He wanted to know the exact location so they could pick her up. Should be some pics of the cat on soon.

As for fishing everything is working. Skwallas, streamers, nymphs all are doing great and catching fish. The river is in excellent condition. Conditions are a bit cool but the fishing is hot.


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