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moths and tricos

The last few days the flow in the Big Hole has dropped considerably. It went from 350 cfs a few days ago to 269 this morning. As of this report it is up a bit to 289. The water temp. how ever has been great in the mornings. This is probably due to the fact that the last couple mornings up river at Wisdom they have had to scrape the ice off their wind shields. By late afternoon the temps. are getting up to the high 60's. Their are a lot of spruce moths mixed with the tricos and dry fly fishing in the morning is excellent. Hopper with a small nymph dropper is best in the afternoon.

My step-son is home on a few days leave from Irag. He told me that what really gets him by is that when he has time off he ties fly's and thinks about fly fishing on the Big Hole. He even has buddy's in his unit tying and they have never fly fished but are going to when they get back. My hat is off to these guys.


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