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Big Hole 423 cfs

Art and Roger have been fishing just about every day and with much success I might add. They can’t wait until I get home to give me a report and with comments like, you should have been there. Do you think they are trying to rub it in a little?

We just thought we were done guiding on the Big Hole for this season. We got a couple calls and the results are that we are both on for the next few days. I still am committed to running that dozer but the weekend is filled up with clients on the river.

It’s getting about that time to start thinking about Andros Island especially since Herman called a couple days ago. I told him I need some reports from there and he assured me again his computer and e-mail would be ready in a couple days. I think the first time I heard that was one year, six months and eight days ago. Just talking to him started to get me excited again about getting there. Herman is always pumped up and ready to go look for dem bones. He said things on the Island were just about the same and that’s exactly what I wanted to hear. I’ll be there for three weeks in December and maybe longer if I can find some excuse to stay there. The gals who stay at my house and take care of Amos and Allie told me to go for as long as I want. I wonder what they got up their sleeve?


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