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Mixing It Up

Big Hole 1830 cfs, temp. 55

The last couple days fish have been caught on a variety of fly’s. We have been using big nymphs, small nymphs, streamers and dry fly’s. Yesterday afternoon when the clouds and rain moved in the top water action was great. It’s raining as I’m writing this report and if I were on the river today I would be ripping those streamers off the banks going after the big boys, but I’ve got the day off and as I’m watching the rain coming down I think I’ll pass. Who knows though, by this afternoon a quick R&D trip may be in order. These are the conditions that also warrant throwing out a big chernoble ant and see what happens.

I have a family reunion coming next week and along with them some in-laws or out-laws from South Carolina who are wannabe fly fisherman. I already told them that, no we’all do not use garlic on our bait. Perhaps another picnic in the mountains is in order. Some of them are already wise to the fact after last year when they were wondering why I was bringing two trucks and two chain saws on a picnic. Sure did get a couple nice big loads of fire wood.


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