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Mixed Bag

Big Hole 188 cfs Beaverhead 171 cfs

Yesterday morning it was raining and cool and the fish didn’t take the big chernoble ants like I had hoped they would. There was a baetis hatch that came off and fish were rising for them but the time I changed fly’s it was over. We did the best with a nymph dropper. Late in the day a #8 parachute hopper did very well. It was cool and breezy all morning so we didn’t see any tricos at all. I talked to some other guys who were using streamers and they were having moderate success with them.

I buried my ole fishing buddy, “Gus” this afternoon up in the mountains along side Brig, Bo and Bear, other newfy’s I have had. I must be a glutton for punishment but I’m going to look for another newfy pup. Allie needs a companion, she almost tore the door down today looking for company.


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