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Missouri Report

Big Hole 423 cfs Jefferson 892 cfs Missouri (below Holter Dam) 4240 cfs

Art returned from the Missouri a bit bedraggled. He said the wind beat him up pretty bad. In spite of the wind the fishing was pretty fair on top and with streamers. Phil Camera at the Prewett Ck. fly shop turned him on to #20 baetis pattern and told him to try it. He said it worked great and he got into a few good sized pods. He should have stayed up there one more day because I just pulled up the weather report for Great Falls and there was very little wind.

The forecast for here on the Big Hole is for more of the same. High temps. in the sixty’s and very little wind. This is good for the fisherman and bad for the hunters. The general big game season opens on Sunday and after the first few shots are fired the elk will be high and scattered and it will take a good sized snow storm to bring them back down.

I still haven’t heard any more details on the grizzly bear incident. The Dept. of Fish and Game are being very quiet about it. I wonder what’s up! I guess I’ll have to dig a little deeper.


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