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Mighty Fine

Big Hole River 764 cfs—Maidenrock

A couple days ago fishing was lousy, there was gobs of snot-grass floating down the river and fisherman were headin outta Dodge to seek finer streams. Shoulda been here today my friend as top water action was about as good as it can get. At one point, Ron made three casts and had a fish on every cast. As for hatches there was just about everything except for Salmon Flies. Caddis, mayfly’s, tricos, spruce moths and the hoppers were clicking along the banks constantly. The flow at 764 cfs for this time of year is terrific and even awesome.

Forecast is for cooler temps again Thursday and Friday with 50 % chance of rain so you can just figure on it.

There are also good reports coming from the Beaverhead with tricos below the dam and hoppers down stream. Clark Canyon dam is also starting to fish good.


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