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Midnight Closure

Big Hole River 143 cfs Beaverhead River 414 cfs

Well it’s official, as of midnight tonight the entire Big Hole and Jefferson rivers will be closed until further notice. While I agree with the closure I do not agree with the stipulations they have in place for reopening the river. The river must reach and maintain a flow of 200 cfs for ten days before reopening. Since water temperature is no longer a factor and the forecast high air temps is to be in the 70’s I think they could be a bit more flexible on these conditions.

We fished the dam and Beaverhead yesterday. There were lots of boats in the dam and some were doing good and some were getting skunked, we did fair with around 10 good sized rainbows—no big browns this time. The Beav. was just ok as well with little action on top with hoppers. Most fish were caught with streamers with lots of chases and boils. It was a hot sunny afternoon and I was happy with what we got given those conditions.


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