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Medium To Slow

Big Hole 509 cfs Beaverhead 672 cfs—what’s with that?

Fishing on the Big Hole today was a bit slow. There wasn’t much of a hatch this morning. Very few pmd’s or any thing else for that matter. We picked up a few fish on a pmx but some of the old standby’s didn’t produce today. We had a big fish on a copper john dropper, but a bit too much pressure was applied and we lost him.

Had my first patient of the year today as far as hook removel. Usually by this time I would have extracted a dozen or more. As it turns out my first patient is a surgeon and he took it quite well. Doctor B. was a bit skeptical as he had never seen the leader technique performed before. After I popped it out he was quite impressed, no pain up0n extraction, no ripped tissue and I told him his bill would be in the mail.


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