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Man Eating Pheasant

Doug’s dad with a measured 25 incher.

The other day Jim and his friend were heading down to the Maidenrock area when they came upon this rooster pheasant standing in the middle  of the road.  Jim’s friend got out to chase it off the road. Instead of running off it came after him and started pecking on his pant leg. He had enough of that and jumped back in the truck. Then the killer pheasant flew up and started raking his spurs on the window. They couldn’t believe it. He called me that evening and told the story. I believed him as earlier that day we came across that same bird. He would not get out of the road and actually chased the van about a hundred feet.

So if you are in the Maidenrock area you might want to keep an eye out as you never know where this killer bird may be lurking just waiting to pounce on you.

The river is running at 2000 cfs now but with this warm weather it will bump up this evening. As to how much, I have no idea but I don’t think it will blow it out.

The fishing for the past week has been very good with lots of big browns being caught.


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