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Lotsa Fish

Big Hole River 2560 cfs I am Lulu and met Al at Andros last year, and we spent time again there this season. We live in Billings in the summer, and Al said he would call us when the Mother’s Day Caddis fly hatch was on, and we were to drop everything and get ourselves over here. So the call came in on Tuesday, and we canceled golf games and got here Thursday night. We spent the night remembering Andros stories and telling fish tales while sipping a few toddies. Needless to say Speedo had a little hangover this morning. So we had a great breakfast at the H Bar J, and got onto the river around 11 AM. We caught a few on nymphs, but it was fishing pretty slow, and we were mumbling under our breaths that Al just wanted me to bring some wahoo and dolphin over as I promised I would cook him dinner. And then about noon thirty it started. The hatch was on, and the fish were rising. It was HOT!! I quit counting fish after 16. We couldn’t miss. I have never caught that many fish on dry flies in one day. At one time, Speedo had a fish on and I flipped my line back to get out of his way, and was watching him, and a brown trout hit my fly hard!! So much for a great presentation. The weather was gorgeous, and the river was kind to us. Even though my arm hurts like hell, it was worth it. We are now sitting on the porch and telling more stories!


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