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Lost Reports

For those of you who have been waiting for a report, and have not found one…I am here to explain. Al’s family has been here this week enjoying the Big Hole and Al’s hospitality, which has been disruptive to his reporting and his ability to guide. So I will give the report from our perspective. Al’s cooking is marginal, but the wine has been exceptional. Especially at the Hitching Post, where we had some signature wine which Debbie shared with us. Food there is great as well. We recommend the Hitching Post over Al’s cooking anyday!!! Several of the guys did go fishing about mid week…with Al wearing a helmet (which is an indication of the novice ability of the group he had floating). He has numerous scars which are the result of Punkin Buggers in the face. Caught a few fish…caught alot of guide. We did a little rock climbing, visited a lot, drank enough to keep us social and have had a wonderful time together. Since myself (his sister) and my other brothers all live in larger cities, Al does not like to visit. So we have to come to the BigHole and disrupt his life occasionally just to remind him that we exist. He puts up with it. He allowed me to write this report, however, he did tell me to tell you all that fishing has been EXCELLENT on “dry flies” (although I can’t figure out how they are dry when they go in the water…some questions are just better not to ask:) We will all be gone by the weekend and life on the BigHole will be back to a more normal state…thank you for allowing us to steal this time from all of you. My husband, who is a city boy with zero fishing capability, floated with Al earlier this week. Here is his official fishing report: After a quick lesson on land, Craig,Donnie, Dan( Al’s brother), and myself (Ray)headed down the river. Wayne ( Al’s big brother ) guided one boat and Al guided the other. Both boats landed some good fish, mostly brown and rainbow trout. I caught Al more times than fish. So I named a new fish ” guidefish “. I had a great time and so did the other more experienced guys in our group. Our group had a flawless float but Wayne’s group got hung up on a rock, tore a “BIG HOLE ” in there raft and almost capsized them. At the end of the day I felt like I was an experienced fly fisherman but don’t ask Al what he thought. I promised him I would work on my wrist action and keep my fly dry. Al is a great guide…he is even a better brother. But don’t tell him we told you:) After this week…you all get him back…thanks for your patience! Al’s family


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