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Lost Bag

I have been on the phone with Delta, on line with them with the reference number and description of the bag and it seems to have just disappeared. Most important items are the three salt water reels and my bag containing most of my fly’s I have collected in the past years. I didn’t take them on carry on because at times they won’t let you take any thing with hooks on the plane. Try to explain to a security agent who barely speaks English what a #4 gotcha is used for and when he sees an eight inch cuda pattern with 2/0 hooks on it he really freaks out. As with any die hard fly fisherman these fly’s are price less. One cannot put a dollar amount on certain patterns that have produced lots of fish. You can tie similiar ones but they’re not the same as the ones that have been broke in with such things as slightly shredded hackle and the like. I guess I’ll wait a couple more days before I hit the panic button.


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