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Looking forward to the summer

It seems every time I sit down to write a river report we are on the entry or exit of a cold front. But hell, we’ll take it in June.

The stoneflies were hatching quite nicely early in the week, and then the weather turned to April. Overnight temperatures never got below freezing, at least from East Bank down, so we are hopeful that there are a few salmon flies left out there. We expect to see the Goldens and sallies return in full force. The majority of the bugs we were seeing were East Bank through Melrose.

The rain/sleet/hail/snow we received bumped the river up a little bit, which made the worm bite turn back on. Try a dry dropper rig with a pink worm underneath. Rubber legs underneath have been pretty consistent too. There should be a bit of good streamer fishing left, yellow/coppers/gold have been good, as well as the hombre bugger, olive sculpzilla and black buggers with legs. With any luck we will finish out the month with stonefly and mayfly patterns on top…yellow foam golden stones, purple haze, gold chubbies, purple micro chubbies and elk hair stimulators are some of our favorites.

Thanks to all who braved the boat hatch last weekend, it was an impressive one.


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