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Lookin Good

Big Hole River 340 cfs. water temp 43

The forecast for the weekend is lookin real good and the river is lookin good. It’s still low and clear as the upper is still froze solid. With temps getting to sixty in the next few days that ice on the upper river will start to break up. With that the river will rise and all the ice scouring the bottom up there will will make it murky but that won’t happen til next week or so.

Yesterday with temps only in the low forty’s there were fish rising in the slower waters above Divide and a lot above my house. When I took a closer look along the bank I was surprised to see a fair amount of small bwo’s. There was no wind and there was cloud cover.

With the water temps. in the forty’s there should be some skwala action in the next couple days.

One thing for damn sure it will feel nice to have a little warmer conditions for a change.

I was just about ready to go back to Andros and come back in mid june.

The shop will be open this weekend also.


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