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Lookin Good

Big Hole River 2100 cfs at Maidenrock

With the flow fairly steady and dropping just a bit now the river is lookin very, very fishy. It would probably have fished great today with all the clouds, occasional snow squalls (bugger fishin is excellent in these conditions). But I wouldn’t know as I quit doin R & D trips in such conditions. All I have to do is look at all the photos on my wall of years past with lots of nice fish right in the middle of a snow storm and that’s good enough for me.

Received a report from Jeff who floated the upper river yesterday and did fairly well on yellow streamers.

The forecast looks like we will still be in the global cooling mode til Friday and then it’ll switch to global warming. That just might trigger the caddis action.

The sun came out for a bit late this afternoon so I fired up the ridin mower as the grass has actually been growin. A few minutes later another snow squall came in but I just turned the flashin lights on and kept on mowin.


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