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Little Glitch

Big Hole River 410 cfs

As you probably noticed in the last couple days there was a slight hitch in the giddyup on this site. In other words something way down the line was out of whack and honestly I had nothing to do with it. Any way my man Jason got it straightened out and as the Bahamians say, “all is well mon”.

There isn’t much to report as the weather here has been cold and blustery. I’ve only been back for a week and already getting cabin fever. First decent weather window and the boat’s in the river.

Word from Andros Island is the last couple days have been lousy with winds up to 25 knots. My friends from over on the Jefferson River are heading there in a week with all the sons and daughters and spouses. Herman Bain and Tommy Kee will be their guides for a couple days. Tommy e-mailed me and said he’s gonna take the two best fly casters and head to the west side to his secret spot for tarpon—I wanna go too.


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