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Leveling Off

Big Hole River 5900 cfs, Temp. 54

It looks like the river won’t quite make the 6000 mark but it’s close. The two gaging stations on the upper river show they are both starting to drop.

One of the guides out of my shop did fairly well today on streamers. Yesterday it was Montana Nymphs that got all the action but today they wouldn’t hit them. When I say they did fairly well he said they got around fifteen trout which is not bad considering the conditions.

There are a lot of Salmon Fly’s that crawled out last night with the heaviest amount in the Maiden Rock Canyon. I went down to a couple spots and tried a few patterns but they were not interested yet. The forecast is for warmer temps. tomorrow so that should get them started.

Portaging the dam between Silver Bridge and Divide Access at this time is not an option. At this level there is enough back wash where you normally portage to swamp your boat easily and there is a big cotton wood tree wedged up against the first wall.


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