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The Big Hole River is at 3280 cfs and leveling off. We started out this morning getting a 24 inch brown right out of the gate. It wasn’t more than 200 yards below the launch when Bob tossed his streamer into a foam pocket and there he was. This was another case of a guy who has been fly fishing a long time but has never thrown streamers and was kind of doubtful about the whole thing. He would prefer to throw dry’s with perhaps a nymph dropper. How ever now he has been converted and openly admits it’s the biggest brown trout he has ever caught and has no problem with the streamers, as a matter of fact he rather enjoy’s it—-I should think so.

After we got back to the shop I heard story’s of guys nailing the fish on salmon fly’s in the same part of the river we went through?????? Unless I missed something and I tried several times with different patterns, it was not happening. Several baetis were showing up but the fish were not.


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