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Less Than Marginal

The river pretty much blew out with flows now over 2000 and rising and with visibility a foot or less. At this very moment there is what appears to be a full blown blizzard going on outside my window. I was thinking of going down to the Hitchin Post this evening for the prime rib special. With the visibility like it is now I guess it’s pork chops here at the house, nice fire goin in the wood stove, nice bottle of pinot noir and watch on tv what the pope was up to today there in NY. I will have to say I’m kinda impressed with this guy and if he ever wants a fishing trip I might even cut him a little break on the price.

To get the latest and greatest reports from Tone The Bone on Andros Island just read the comments on the last entry. To say I am not just a bit jealous would be a blatant lie. These guys are having fun and more power to em.


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