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La Marche Creek

Big Hole 335 cfs Beaverhead 404 cfs

The fly of choice today would have to the the purple haze. They wouldn’t hit a spruce moth pattern but they sure jumped on the haze.

No one is a better friend to the Grayling and the Big Hole River than Dave Guckenberg who owns the La Marche Creek Ranch. This creek originates high in the Pintlar Wilderness and flows through pristine forest before it enters his ranch and dumps into the Big Hole about 15 miles above Wise River. This is one of the few tributaries of the Big Hole where virtually no water is diverted for irrigation. Dave along with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is fencing the entire stream through his property to protect the banks from riparian damage. FWP is also going to dig several holes along the creek to create holding water for spawing Grayling. I will be getting touch with Jim McGee who is a biologist for the FWP and specializes in Grayling habitat. Jim is over-seeing this project and I think it will be very interesting to get all the facts and figures concerning this. My hat is off to Mr. Guckenberg as he is a true conservationist and friend of the Big Hole River. More land owners who own land with tributaries to the Big Hole should take note of this project.


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