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Just Plain Good

Big Hole River 1830 cfs —Maidenrock

The river continues to drop gradually now and the fishing is getting better and better. There are still some bigger golden stones around and we actually saw a few salmon fly’s today.

Hatches today included goldens, few salmon fly’s, caddis and mayfly’s. This morning the fish were a bit picky on top water. Large dry fly with a small nymph dropper worked well also.

Day before yesterday we went way up to Squaw Ck. bridge and had a great time. We were the only show between there and Fish Trap and it was great. No big fish but lots of sippers to cast to. Mostly grayling, brook and bows. The bows up there are really hot.

Had a call yesterday from a guy who described that rod I found and I assume he’s happy to get it back. It was a Loomis GLX with a Bauer reel. Another fisherman called and said he lost his Simms jacket but I can’t remember where he said it was lost. Any body is welcome to list lost items in the comment section or give us a call.

Weather for the upcoming holiday weekend looks good and I expect the river to be quite busy. Going into next week looks like we may have some streamer weather conditions with high 60 to 70 and mostly cloudy—-doesn’t hurt my feelings.


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