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Jungle Pond

Audrey and friend in Jungle Pond

Jan and Dr. Hall in Jungle Pond

Close Ocean Flat

Current temp. 64 (cold) wind N10 Cloudy

It was cold, cloudy and windy yesterday. Not a good day for fishing by  any means.

Audrey and Jan came by and asked if I wanted to go on a road trip and Jan would show us Jungle Pond. I have heard her talking about this place before so I said sure, too wet to plow anyway.

They had made  arrangements to meet Dr. Hall from Nassau and friend as they were also very interested in seeing this place. At first I will have to admit I was kind of a skeptic. I knew Jan was a plant freak, I mean horticulturist, botonist or what ever their called.

This place was actually amazing. We walked through pine forest for a ways and then all of a sudden we come to this depression and it’s almost like walking into a Jurassic Park setting with hundreds upon hundreds of orchids hanging on the trees. I expected at any moment for a platotyrexsauris or some ting like dat to come charging through  the ferns at us. All the plants seemed larger than normal.

This place was originally discovered by an employee of Forfar. Forfar is an educational facilitator here on the island for science, education and marine research . Jan asked me not to disclose the exact location and I respect that. Hell I probably couldn’t find it again anyway. All in all it is a pretty cool place.

Jan will comment on this post and give some history of Forfar and more info on the Jungle Pond.

Couple days ago I was driving just a couple miles  north of  town and I took this little  road down to the beach.  I was basically looking for pilchers which we use for bait when bottom fishing. I didn’t bother bringing my fly rod along as I thought this close to the settlement their would be no bonefish around. The wind was out of the west which made for good  conditions there. It was approaching low  tide. I decided to take off my shoes and wade out a ways just to see what I could see. At first there were three bonefish right in front of me and then a school of about ten came by. A little further and another school of around eight showed up. I hurried back to the truck and back to my room to get my fly rod. Didn’t take long before a hookup. I had never fished this area before being so close etc. With low tide and west  wind I be dere lots from now on.


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