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Jefferson river access

To follow up on Jason’s entry on access points below Silver Star on the Jefferson River. About ten miles below Silver Star there is an access at Waterloo Bridge, however it is not easy. You have to drag your boat up a steep bank to the road. A raft isn’t too bad if you have some help, but if you have a drift boat you definitely have your work cut out for you. The next access is Parrot Castle bridge which is no longer there and if you have never floated this it is best to scout out the landing before you go. You literally have to pull your boat into an irrigation ditch and then drive your rig through a slough channel to get to it. A 4×4 is advised for this. It would be nice if there were some improved access points along this stretch as the fishing as the fishing can be great for brown’s and the rainbows are hot.

On a side note I went elk hunting for the first time yesterday. Actually I took my gun for a nice walk. I saw 2 squirrels, 1 rabbit, 2 ravens and a magpie. The snow was so crunchy that every step seemed to echo through the mountains. I thought maybe I would find one that was hard of hearing, but no such luck.


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