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Jefferson River

Big Hole 325 cfs Jefferson near Twin Bridges 671 cfs Jefferson near Three Forks 921 cfs

Today we floated the headwater of the Jefferson, putting in on the Beaverhead in Twin Bridges and went down to Hells Canyon. The lower Beaverhead was really muddy with only about a foot of visibility. I don’t know if it’s from the rain a few days ago or if it was coming from one of the irrigation ditches up stream. We didn’t even try to fish until we got to the confluence with the Big Hole. I struck first with a little 12 inch brown and just a few minutes later in the same spot Art nailed a big fat 20 inch brown. After that it was a bit spotty with a fish here and there. In a little side channel I hooked four nice ones in about two minutes–I said hooked, every one got off. It was a bright bluebird day and late in the afternoon Art decided to try a dry fly and caught three fat rainbow’s on a pmx. We looked for some carp in a couple back sloughs but couldn’t find any. If it had been overcast I know we would have tied into several big ones. I also think the fishing is a little better down further, below Silver Star. The only problem with that is it’s a real pain taking the boat out at Waterloo Bridge. We used the raft today but next time it will be with the drift boat as there is plenty of water. There is a little moss floating down the river, but not bad. It was a fun day and we all took turns rowing. I think Art rowed for at least five minutes—oh well, he’s been on a salmon boat all summer and he’s trying to catch up.


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