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It Just Don’t Get No Better

Big Hole River 438 cfs (maidenrock)

Top water action today on the Big Hole is about as good as it gets any where in the world. Big brown trout slurping dry’s in 6 inches of water and then exploding out. I did two runs today, the first one with this Irish couple who just wanted a pleasue float and check out the river. The next was with the Big Labowski and Sandy who just wanted to catch some fish and did they ever. To top off the day we gathered at my house and shared the last of the conch we had. Jim and Sandy made stew conch with theirs and I made conch salad with mine. Not to brag but my conch salad is on an even keel with Gogie’s. Only problem was that I put 2 teaspoons of Eva’s Bahamian hot sauce in it and only Jim and I could eat it. In the Bahamas they say if it don’t make you sweat it ain’t hot enough. This batch made you sweat, made your nose run not to mention other things. That is the last of the conch until my friend Linda from Andros gets here in September with more conch and lobster. All this and topped off with a bottle of Gray Hartley’s Hitching Post Chardoney, 1999. Like I said it just don’t get no better.


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