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Ice Jam and Fishing report update: April 12, 2019

The good news is that the ice jams are coming out in a hurry.  We are clear of jams up to from Sportsmans Campground.  There is one more jam upriver near upper sawlog that will be coming out soon I would imagine, so don’t think the floating ice is over yet.  We took a video 2 days ago of the Jam at Sportsmans breaking up, quite the sight, check it out.

The fishing report is has not been good but should be improving as the river recovers from the big wave on Wednesday.  The water has dropped close to 1000 Cfs and is certainly cleaner than yesterday.  As for bugs, we have not seen any particular changes from the last report yet, but I did see a worm in the parking lot of the post office here in Divide.

We have a spring special going until May 15, $450/boat for 2 people, $425/single.  We are open from 9-4 everyday and running shuttles.  If you would like an immediate update on the fishing, please call us at 406-267-3346.


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