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I Wanna Go

Big Hole River 804 cfs—Maidenrock

Here it is the end of July and the Big Hole is still running 800 cfs—ain’t it great? The weather has been unseasonably cool and wet lately. These conditions could be the demise of the spruce moths. Back in the mid 90’s there were a few years they didn’t show up at all. No big deal if they don’t show as the fishing is still good without them. I like what Pat commented on when arriving in the canyon. Thought there were moths all over the place but they turned out to be #8 mosquitos. Guys fishing with nymphs have been doing well and maybe just a bit better than dries but there if enough action on top to stay with it. You might have to change around a bit. Again late evening action is the best.

This morning I went to the trail head with some people who were going up to the high country on horses to fish a couple lakes. I basically went there to help saddle horses, fit riders to saddles and stirrups and load a couple pack horses. It brought back memories from the past when I was into packing into the high country. Some were humurous as hell and just like it used to be. Like when the head wrangler asked each one their experience on a horse just like he’s sposed to do. When it came to the cook he said just a little bit. When the wrangler asked just how little is a little bit the cook admitted it was basically a hobby horse. He shook his head and said “here you get on old blondy and he’ll take care of you”. Mike said we got an extra horse so why don’t you come with. I looked down at the Keens I was wearing and the quick dry pants and said thanks but I’m really not dressed for the occasion. Where was my hat and boots which used to be the uniform of the day. I watched them head up the trail and thought to myself, it’s been way too long since I did that and it’s time to go again. Just been caught up with the shop and float trips etc. So I made up my mind to call my old wrangler Joe and plan a couple trips in the near future. There is nothing finer than being up in the high country on a good horse.


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