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Hunt or Fish?

Big Hole River 605 cfs

With this nice weather we have been having I thought I might as well take advantage of it and do a little more fishing. My friend Chuck Robbins who is a Dillon area guide and the author of the popular book, Fly Fishing Montana met me this morning at the house. We were in no hurry as the temp. last night got down to about 20 and there was heavy frost on the pumpkin.

I told Chuck I was gonna row as I needed the exercise–he said the same thing but since it was my boat I ruled. Since it was a bright day I suggested to Chuck that nymphs might be the way to go. He agreed but said he was going to start with a streamer anyway. I totally agreed but didn’t think we would get much action on it. Chuck throws streamers exactly the same way I do which is back upstream from the boat close to the bank. With the cold water temp. he was using a slow strip. There was no action for some time and we were just about to do the nymphing thing when he had a hit, and then another and then a hookup. From that point on it was great. I was gonna row all the time but with that kind of action I said maybe I will fish awhile. Chuck had been using a black bunny pattern and I wanted to try something different so I tied on a light tan bunny and they hit it even better. We were both amazed at the action we were getting on those streamers with the bright conditions. It turned out to be a few hours of some great streamer action which for both of us was just fine.

Forecast for the rest of the week is for even a bit warmer. The shop is closed but the boat is hooked up behind the jeep so if anyone wants to go, just give me a call.


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