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Hot, (not the fishing)

Big Hole River 3600 cfs and rising

The entire river is pretty much blown out especially below the Wise River. The upper river still has some clarity along the banks and that’s where going tomorrow-way up to Squaw Ck. bridge. If we get some cloud cover in the afternoon maybe we can tie into one of those lunkers which lurk about those waters. It’s either that or head up to the Missouri and that’s taking a chance as the Dearborn is about ready to blow out and my favorite stretch is below that.

Still waiting to get that e-mail from Herman on Andros Island. I’m not surprised as things don’t happen very quickly over there. Even though Herman told me two weeks ago ” ya mon da computer come on da boat today and it be ready tomorrow” it’s probably still in the box in the back of his pickup. The only time they get with the program is when it’s time to go fishing.

My Great Pyrenees pup who is seven months old now and just as tall as my Newfy is getting to be a pain in the butt. What was left of my meager wood pile out back is now scattered out by the front steps. I have a spot in my lawn about ten by ten that got winter killed so I tilled it up and seeded it. He was watching me so every night he figures he has to till it up some more by digging a two foot hole in it and then laying in the hole. Every day I fill it up and every night he digs it up. He dug down until he hit the root of a tree and that didn’t stop him. He simply chewed through the root.


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