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Hot Finish

Big Hole River 2030 cfs

With the cool wind blowing this morning most of the fish were caught on nymphs. Jeff and the guys had to be out early to catch a flight back home and wouldn’t you know it the last half mile of the trip the fish really turned on dry fly’s. The closer we got to the take out the better the fishing got. We were using golden stones and big stimulators and it seemed like every third cast they were getting a hit. It was the best fishing in two days and we had to get out. We were out at 3:00 pm and I didn’t know what to do with myself getting off the river so early. I usually don’t get back to the house until about 9:00 and by then I’am dragging butt. That’s the reason for some pretty short reports.

If your ever in trouble on the river you can only hope there is a local guide or outfitter nearby to help you. This was the case yesterday with the guy floating down that irrigation ditch and again today when a rather large fellow and his two kids were floating down the Dewey Canyon and they got hung up on a rock in one of the rapids. Carey who is a local guide came by , got a rope to them and rescued them off the rock.

We just got a call from a guy on his cell phone down river some where stating that he was in this narrow channel and was lost. After numerous questions from us as to what bridges he had gone under and so forth we pretty much determined where he was. At this moment Art is on his way to rescue him. We had done a shuttle for this guy previously and for some reason he had the shuttle sheet with him with our phone number on it. I’m on my way down to meet them and I think this guy is going to buy us a steak dinner.


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