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Hoot owl on lower Big Hole

The lower Big Hole, from Notch Bottom to the confluence with the Beaverhead River entered hoot owl restrictions, effective today, Aug 8. This means no fishing from 2 PM until midnight. The rest of the Big Hole River remains under normal fishing regulations. We still encourage everyone to monitor water temperatures while they are fishing. We have encountered some 70+ temperatures at various parts of the river in the past few days.

Fishing report: Tricos have been hatching in the mornings at about 10 AM. We have seen them above Jerry Creek, and below Divide. They are a little sporadic in the Silver Canyon. The best patterns have been Para Trico #18, Sparkle Gray comparadun #18, Black comparadun #20, all on 5x tippet.

Ants have been working pretty consistently, especially in the shallow riffles. I like to use a black sharpie on the cinnamon patterns. Hopper fishing has been fair, it seems like a #14 Pink Chubby works as well as a hopper pattern.

The spruce moth hatch has been light; we have been receiving rain every few days; rain dampers the spruce moths, but the river sure needs it.

Other effective patterns have been #16 Purple or Brown Twisted Baby,

Tricos on the Big Hole near Maiden Rock


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