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Heavy Snow Warning

Big Hole River 3060 cfs.

Only in Montana in June—ya gotta love it. There is a heavy snow warning for above 5500 feet in SW Montana with up to 15 inches of snow possible. This warning is in effect until 9:00 tomorrow morning. I’m not positive but I think our 7 year drought is over and I’m just not quite sold on this global warming thing. The river took a big jump today but the streamer action was very good. As to what this has done to the Salmon Fly hatch, we will just have to wait and see when the conditions improve and that will start tomorrow. I look for more action on top with lots of golden’s to still come out. My crystal ball also says the river will start to level off tomorrow. It’s a challenge to fish the Big Hole with it’s ups and downs in flow and different conditions unlike tail water rivers where every thing is predictable. On this river you may go to using #18 bwo and an hour later use a #4 fluttering stone and an hour after that go to chucking large streamers. It’s a free stone and there is nothing predictable about it, just enjoy it and take what it gives you.


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