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Heat Wave Over

Big Hole River 400 cfs Beaverhead River 885 cfs

The scorching heat we had last week for a few days seems to be past for now with more seasonal temps. predicted. Yesterday afternoon was actually fairly cool with rain showers here and there. Debbie from the Hitchin Post in Melrose said her rain guage showed one and a half inches from that shower yesterday.

During the hot days we were starting early and getting off the river early. The fishing was good on top water for most of the time. A couple times we went to nymphs but didn’t do very good so we just stayed on top and it paid off for the most part. This is the time of year to look for big browns in shallow riffles, especially in the morning. Some of my fisherman are a bit skeptical in fishing this water until they hook up.

The rumors again this year are spreading like the plague that the entire Big Hole River is closed. Nineteen miles of the river up by Wisdom is closed but the remaining 137 miles is open and fishing very well. I had several calls today asking about the river and if it was closed. I wish they would close that upper portion permanently so we wouldn’t have to deal with this B.S. every year. A couple fisherman who floated with me last week had also fished the Missouri, Madison, and Beaverhead in the last 10 days. They said the Big Hole by far was the best fishery especially on top water and these guys are men of the cloth who live by the truth. What type of cloth is another matter. I rest my case.


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