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Happy Saint Patties Day

Hope everyone had a fun and safe saint patrick’s day!! My name is Peter Skidmore and ill be posting fishing reports on Al’s website while he is in Andros Island. Im taking care of his house and his massive dogs! Well the boys and I ventured out on the Big Hole yesterday. The river was a shade under 1,900 cfs with only about a foot of visibility, NOT ideal conditions. With the water as high as it was, we decided to float from jerry down to divide. We couldnt have asked for a more beautiful day, however the fishing was a little slow. Bombarding the banks with streamers was the name of the game, and it only produced two small brownies. Midway through the float everyone decided it was a better idea to celebrate St. Patties day than try and catch mud sharks. All in all it was another special day on the last best river. Today we are headed down to do a little recon on the old beaverhead. Pipe organ to grasshopper creek should produce but im sure downstream from grasshopper is going to be a little murky to say the least.


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