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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone, and we hope that everyone came out of the holiday season healthy and happy. We took a bit of a social media hiatus through hunting and holiday season, but, just like everyone else, we are looking forward to moving into 2021.

We are disappointed that we are not on our way to Andros Island right now, but the COVID restrictions that are in place to travel to the Bahamas would be cumbersome for many, and we decided to fore-go our Andros Connections trips for 2021. We are keeping our fingers crossed that things could change in the coming months. If restrictions change, we will certainly try to get some folks to Andros to chase bonefish on our favorite flats.

Looking beyond winter in Montana, trout season is just around the corner. Our winter has been mild so far, and we are doing our best snow dances. Fortunately, the long range forecast does show more precipitation coming, and with any luck we will have some great snow pack by the end of March. Time will tell!

If you are thinking about trout fishing in Southwest Montana, give us a call or send us a message to get some 2021 dates on the calendar. Most guides and outfitters are expecting another busy season, so if you would like to get on the water with your favorite GDO guide, make sure to get in the books sooner than later.


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