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Happy 4th of July

Big Hole River 475 cfs.

Again they have closed the upper Big Hole to fishing from Rock Ck. road to the confluence with the North Fork. For those who do not know where that is, it’s just above Wisdom and goes for 19 miles to where the North Fork comes in. This is supposed to be critical grayling habitat but in my own personal opinion I don’t think that after all these years of dewatering to almost no flow at all there isn’t a grayling in his right mind would even think of living up there. The flow up there now is at a paltry 19 cfs. The BHWC was supposed to have all this figured out and keep a minimum flow of 45 cfs?????

The fishing the last few days has been up and down. Two days ago the afternoon was overcast and perfect conditions for some good top water action, but it was lousy. Yesterday it was bright all day and the fishing was great on top all day. Today it was just so so on top and we got off the river early when it started to get hot. The next two days are supposed to be very hot with above average temps. I would suggest that by about two in the afternoon to look for a shade tree and forget the fishing.


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