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Hank In Montana

Big Hole River near Melrose 368 cfs Big Hole River near Glen 416 cfs

Fishing with small mayfly patterns in the morning remains very good. Mid day we have been switching to bigger attractor patterns and small hoppers to get their attention. By late afternoon with the water temp. rising it’s best to leave them alone.

Hank and Eva who are the owners of Hank’s Place on Andros Island are arriving here today. I have been after them for years to come to Montana and they are finally doing it. Hank said all he wants to do while here is a whole lot of nothing. We can certainly arrange that for him. Their friends who are coming with them have never been further west than New York. It’ll be fun taking them in the Jeep to the high country. While on the subject of Andros Island a client of mine is fishing with Herman there now for a week. Herman called yesterday and promised to call with some great reports in a couple days. He plans to take Bryan to the Joulters, West Side, Red Bay and of course up Fresh Creek. That is covering some of the best bonefish flats in the world. He said Fresh Creek is really loaded with bones now and there is no one fishing it. All the fly fisherman are chasing trout at this time of year.


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