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Grumpy Old Men

On A Streamer

Streamer Catch

Big Hole River 400 cfs and rising, Maidenrock

It was a picture perfect day when Art, Bobby and I got together for a float on the lower river. As you can see in the photo the East Pioneer Mountains look as majestic as they possibly can be.

Dry fly fishing was slow and I kept telling these hard heads to put on a streamer. It was a bright day so they figured it was no use. We stopped at good spot I know and on the second drift with a streamer through this seam I had a nice brown. That convinced Art as he grabbed my rod and he hooked two more nice ones in the same seam.  I told him to use his own rod but he’s kinda hard of hearing, or so it seems.

Rest of the day was rather slow with the usual bickering between us. But it was a hell of a lot of fun.

Weather pattern has changed big time with the streamer action getting better and better. Lose the shorts and sandals for the long handles and go have some fun.

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